The Geology of the Portage Mountain Damsite Peace River, B.C.

CIM Bulletin, 1963


In 1957 and 1958, ten topographically suitable damsites were investigated along the Peace river between Finlay Forks and Hudson Hope, B.C. Of these, three were eliminated after a reconnaissance survey indicated that the geology was unsuitable for the 650-ft.-high dam contemplated. •After extensive drilling, five other sites were deemed unfeasible because of geological factors and, in 1959, the two remaining sites were designated as being suitable, one for the high dam and the other for a low dam downstream. The sites are located in the Peace River canyon, on the west and the south• side of Portage mountain, west of Hudson Hope.
Keywords: abutment, bedrock, grout curtain, sandstone, shale, Coal, Dams, formation, Rock, Rocks, Sandstone, Shale, Shales, Tunnels, Valley