The Geology of the Choiceland Iron Deposit, Saskatchewan

CIM Bulletin, 1964

R. L. Cheesman Chief Geologist, Mines Branch, Dept. of Mineral Resources, Government Administration Bldg., Rfgina, Sask.

An extensive Precambrian iron-formation lies about 2,000 ft. beneath post-Precambrian rocks in the Fort a la Corne Forest Reserve, south of Choiceland, Saskatchewan. The geology, deduced from limited drill results and from some geophysical observations, indicates that the deposit is a characteristic magnetite iron-formation, not uncommon in the exposed Precambrian of Saskatchewan, but also shows certain interesting features of faulting and pre-Paleozoic weathering which have given rise to a preserved detrital deposit of hematite. The body is of ore grade and of sizeable proportions.
Keywords: CORE, Drilling, Faulting, Hematite, hematite, magnetite, Paleozoic, Precambrian, the Choiceland Area, Iron, Magnetite, Precambrian, Rock, Rocks, Saskatchewan