The Geology of Gaspe

CIM Bulletin, 1969

J. BELAND, Directeur, Departement de Geologie, Universite de Montreal, Montreal, P.O.

Three stages, each characterized by a particular sedimentation, magmatism, mineralization and deformation, are recognized in the geological history of Gaspe. The first stage led to the formation of the Taconian orogen, the second to that of the Acadian orogen and the third stage to the accumulation of a post-orogenic cover. The Taconian orogen includes volcanic and detrital rocks of Late Precambrian or Cambrian and Lower to Middle Ordovician ages in which ultrabasic intrusions have been emplaced. Folding is severe. Mineralization is of the Cr-Ni-Cu type, related to the igneous facies.
Keywords: Acadian orogeny, Gaspe peninsula, Lower Ordovician, Silurian, Upper Devonian, copper, formation, geology, Intrusions, Maps, Rock, Rocks, sediments