The Future of Mining Engineers

CIM Bulletin, 1972

HECTOR MONETTE, Director, Mines and Metallurgy Department, Faculty of Sciences, Laval University, Quebec, P.Q.

AFTER SPENDING a lifetime in the mining industry it is normal that one should be concerned with the future of his profession, especially if he is directly responsible for the education and formation of future mining engineers. It is not necessary to insist on the importance of mining for Canada and for the entire world to prove the necessity of the Mining Engineer. A statement was made by Zay Jeffries, former vice-president of General Electric Co., and here I quote: "Even though minerals without man are of no moment, man would not be man as we know him without minerals ... "minerals are as essential to the life of social man as food is to man himself". This certainly expresses magnificently the purpose of the mining profession. These are the reasons why I have accepted to present my views on the future of the Mining Engineer.
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