The Function of the Mines Branch Radioactivity Division

CIM Bulletin, 1953


This paper reviews the work being done by the Mines Branch to promote utilization of Canadian radioactive ores. The Radioactivity Division has staff and facilities for work on ore dressing and extractive metallurgy, analytical and process chemistry, radiometric methods and devices, and for mineralogical studies. The Division is primarily concerned with development and application of suitable methods, physical and chemical, for efficient recovery of uranium concentrates from various types of ores. Treatment of most Canadian ores has required research on extraction of uranium by leaching methods and this research is continuing. Technical assistance and services, including laboratory and pilot plant studies on treatment of individual ores, can be provided for privately owned properties approaching the production stage.
Keywords: Chemicals, extractive metallurgy, ore dressing, ores, Port Radium, uranium, Mine, Mines, Mines Branch, Ore, Ores, Treatment, uranium