The Flotation of Radioactive Minerals

CIM Bulletin, 1956


Minerals containing uranium have been successfully pre-concentrated by flotation at Queen's University, Kingston. In particular, uraninite, uranothorite, euxenite, and fergusonite, have responded to flotation to yield grades of 0.2 to 6.0 .per cent U .o. with recoveries of 85 to 98 per cent, from heads analysing ap. proximately 0.10 per cent UaOs. Of the ten or so radioactive samples examined to date, two distinct groups were recognizable, firstly, those samples in which uranium was the sole constituent of economic interest, and, secondly, those in which Columbium (with minor amount of tantalum) was present in addition to uranium. For the purpose of this paper, the results of investigation on two samples of each of the above groups have been selected as typical.
Keywords: euxenite, oleic acid, Queen's University, sodium silicate, Uraninite, flotation, Grade, mineral, minerals, Ore, Ores, uranium