The Falconbridge Iron Ore Process

CIM Bulletin, 1961

EARLY in 1951, Falconbridge undertook a research program aimed at the development of a sulphate roasting process for the recovery of the non-ferrous metals from the nickeliferous pyrrhotite fraction of Falconbridge ore, in order to reduce the tonnage of iron entering the smelter. Such a method, it was hoped, would permit a high recovery of the nickel from pyrrhotite otherwise entering the smelter feed, thus not only raising the grade of the latter and reducing its iron content, but also providing an iron oxide residue useful as a source of by-product iron ore.
Keywords: Calcine, Concentrate, Concentrates, Falconbridge Nickel Mines Limited, fluidized bed, pyrrhotite, slurry, sodium sulphate, Furnaces, Iron, nickel, pyrrhotite, Roasting, Slurry