The Extrusion of Steel

CIM Bulletin, 1963


This paper discusses modern practices in the extrusion of steel. Particular emphasis is given to a description of the Ugine-Sejournet method of extrusion, involving the use of glass as a hot work lubricant. Other methods are also mentioned. A brief history of extrusion is presented; present practices in the quality extrusion of tubing and solids are described ; and the future potentials of the process as a tonnage producer are briefly discussed. The advantages of extrusion and the reasons for the use of a glass lubricant, as well as the various methods of using glass, are given. The process, as described, is being used in the manufacture of large commercial quantities of stainless steel tubing and sections. This extrusion process is an essential and unique means of forming such atomicage materials as titanium, zirconium, molybdenum and other super alloys all of which are materials required in the creation of nuclear installations.
Keywords: Alloys, Babcock and Wilcox., billet, extrusion, lubricant, stainless steel, Billets, Glass, Lubricants, Materials, Pressure, steel, Steels, Tubing