The Exshaw Formation, Alberta

CIM Bulletin, 1956

E. W. MOUNTJOY, B.A.Sc. '55, U.B.C.

THE Exshaw formation is a thin but very persistent black shale unit generally well exposed along the easterly scarp faces of the fault blocks comprising the front ranges of the Rocky mountains. It is overlain by the Mississippian Banff shales and silty shales and underlain by the massive Palliser Limestone formation of late Devonian age. The Exshaw continues eastward under the plains of Alberta and on into Saskatchewan, with little change until it reaches the surface of the Palaeozoic- Mesozoic unconformity.
Keywords: Alberta, Exshaw Shale, Exshaw, Alberta, Jasper, Alberta, Lower Mississippian, Upper Devonian, formation, limestone, Palliser Formation, Rock, Rocks, ROCKY, Saskatchewan, Shale, Shales