The Experimental Study of Crystal Boundaries

CIM Bulletin, 1951


THE most important practical problem with which Physical Metallurgy is faced is the control of the mechanical properties of alloys. The most difficult aspect of this problem is the development of new alloys with the properties that are requited for meeting exacting engineering requirements. A great measure of success has been achieved by following the empirical method and most, if not all, of the present variety Oil alloys have been developed by the process of experiment and observation or trial and error. It may, however, be that this method will become. less productive as time g0es -0n, and that eventually it should be replaced by a process based on an understanding of the factors that determine the properties, so that alloys can be 'designed' to meet the requirements. This method of investigation will not be passible until a much better fundamental understanding of metals has been gained, and this will come only about as a result of a great deal of detailed research.
Keywords: Alloys, crystals, lattice theory, seed crystal, single crystal, yield stress, experiment, Experiments, Materials, Mechanical, metals, Physical metallurgy, stress, Structure