The evolution of cut-and-fill mining at Inco's Thompson Mine

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 72, No. 801, 1979

R.B. HUMPHREY Assistant Planning/Layout Engineer, E.G. NICHOLSON, Engineering Supervisor, Inco Metals Company, Manitoba Division, Thompson, Manitoba

Cut-and-fill mining methods at the Thompson Mine have undergone significant changes since production began in 1961. Changes have been introduced in almost all aspects of the mining operation, from the original timbered chutes and air-operated slushers to the present-day bored raises, footwall ore passes and load-haul-dump units.This paper describes the evolution of mechanized cut-and-fill mining methods, highlighting the changes in design for stapes and service openings, ground support methods, hydraulic filling and ventilation systems. A mechanized stop-ing area is described from the initial mining concept through design, development, construction and mining cycles.
Keywords: Underground mining, Cut-and-fill mining, Thompson Mine, Stope development, Sills, Drifts, Raises, Manways, Ore passes, Ventilation, Sandfill