The Endogenous Distribution of Minor Elements In the Goosly - Owen Lake Area of Central British Columbia

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 69, No. 773, 1976

B. N. Church, Dept. of Mines & Petroleum Resources, Victoria, B.C. J.J. Barakso, MIN-EN Laboratories Limited, North Vancouver, B.C. A. F. Bowman, Dept. of Mines & Petroleum Resources, Victoria, B.C.

An evaluation of mineralization in the Goosly - Owen Lake area of central British Columbia is the result of a comprehensive geochemical study of rock samples obtained from a regional geological survey. The dispersion of metals in country rocks about a line of Tertiary intrusions suggests that these igneous bodies may be genetically related to known sulphide replacements, dissemination and vein deposits. The geochemical investigation is based on the determination of 12 elements from samples gathered from more than SOO scattered field stations. To assist processing and interpretation, the data are subjected to a variety of statistical procedures, including correlation of the elements, factor analysis, cluster analysis and computer contouring of the elements. Some practical applications of rock geochemistry in regional exploration are indicated.
Keywords: Geochemical exploration, Goosly Lake, Owen Lake, Factor analysis, Cluster analysis, Computers, Bradina mine, Sam Goosly prospect, Metallogenic models, Dispersion.