The emission control system on the Volvo BM 861 U underground truck

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 74, No. 835, 1981

J.P. MOGAN, Research Scientist, K. KATSUYAMA Post-Doctoral Fellow, and, E.D. DAINTY Research Scientist, Canadian Explosive Atmospheres Laboratory CANMET, Energy Mines and Resources Canada, Ottawa

The Volvo BM 861 U articulated truck is one of the few underground diesel units manufactured by an organization which shares the same corporate roof as the engine manufacturer. As a consequence, the unit has provided an opportunity for the characteristics of the entire system—turbocharged aftercooled engine, transmission and exhaust scrubber—to interact to minimize emission levels. The performance of the components of the system, as evaluated by full-scale dynamometer testing, is summarized. The over-all effect of the various innovations was a 38% reduction in the recommended ventilation level over that of the bare engine.
Keywords: Underground mining, Diesel emissions, Emission control, Volvo trucks, Equipment, Exhaust emissions, Health effects index.