The emergence of zinc as an engineering material

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 76, No. 852, 1983

GENEO. COWIE Program Manager, Pioneer Engineering and Manufacturing Company Warren, Michigan

Zinc, which once enjoyed an unchallenged position in the field of decorative applications, has lost a substantial share of its markets to other materials, particularly plastics. This turn of events has led the zinc industry to explore new market areas, particularly those applications where the engineering properties of zinc can be utilized. This paper gives an overview of the zinc industry's efforts to develop the data base and product development technology which have enabled zinc alloys to emerge as engineering materials. It also indicates those areas in which the research facilities of the zinc industry must be employed to ensure that zinc alloys keep pace with developments in competitive materials and processes.
Keywords: Materials engineering, Zinc, 1LZRO, Zinc alloys, Product development, Design technology, Die casting.