The Electronic Scanner - An Instrument for the Rapid Counting of Konimeter Dust Spots

CIM Bulletin, 1969

PETER CHMARA, Senior Ventilation Engineer, Mines Accident Prevention Association of Ontario, North Bay, Ont.

The measurement of dust concentration in Ontario mines since 1926 has been accomplished by konimetry, based on South African experience and methods. The introduction of a voluntary program of semi-annual surveys of air conditions at all operations throughout Ontario mines created a need for an instrument that would assess konimeter spots rapidly and accurately. The development of the Electronic Scanner, it is felt, answers this need. A program whereby all konimeter spot samples taken at Ontario mines will be counted at the MAP AO field offices in North Bay is described.
Keywords: Control, coupled with, North Bay, Ontario, Scanner, vidicon, Dust, Electronics, Konimeters, Mine, Mines, particles, test, Tests