The Electrification of Three Large Hoists at Nos. 12 and 20 Collieries, Dominiort Coal Company, Limited

CIM Bulletin, 1958


AS THE LOCAL electric generating plants increased in size and capacity and costs of producing electricity came down, it became apparent that it was no longer good economy to operate individual boiler plants at the Company's various collieries to power steam hoists and compressors. Great economies could be made by burning the 'Coal at central power plants and using electric power at the collieries. During the period after the end of the war, a steady and continuing programme of replacing first the smaller steam-driven units, and later the steam-driven compressors, was undertaken, and finally the larger hoists, those at No. 12 Colliery in New Waterford and No. 20 Colliery in Glace Bay, were the last units operated by steam
Keywords: Coal, Control, Controls, customer representative, Dominion Coal Company, duty cycle, hoist, torque, Cycles, Equipment, Hoists, Installation, Motors, Power, Shafts