The Electric Mining Shovel - Designed for Digging

CIM Bulletin, 1973

K. D. BULIN, Engineer-in-Charge, Electric Mining Shovels, Mining Machinery Division, Bucyrus-Erie Company

An interesting brief history review of shovels as the primary excavating tool will permit the reader to see that immeasurable development and resources have preceded the shovel excavators which today are used extensively throughout the mining industry. With this as a background, the shovel manufacturer has the ability to utilize his resources best in those areas of shovel development in which the maximum benefits of increased reliability, performance and ease of maintenance will improve the operating rewards to the user of the equipment. The author explains the function of the shovel as a part of the material handling system. A detailed description of those areas of the shovel in which the most recent developments and major improvements have been implemented in the manufacture of the shovel excavator arc included.
Keywords: Bucyrus-Erie, dragline, excavator, power shovel, Cost, Costs, excavator, Excavators, Power, shovel, Shovels, steel, Steels