The Efficient Use of Coal; Consulting Service for the Small Steam Plant

CIM Bulletin, 1953


THE SMALLER industrial and commercial steam generating plants in the United States are suffering from an "engineering deficiency' which, if allowed to continue, will pr0ihably result in the extinction of the species that now burn approximately 75 million tons of coal. We will classify as 'small' those plants which should require not more than one operating man per shift, including those in which as little .as thirty minutes 'Per day should be adequate for .all service attention. These are 1Jhe small steam plants that need the most, and get the least, expert attention for fuel :planning, equipment selection, design layout, .and proper operating technique.
Keywords: Ash, Coal, Combustion, Engineers, Equipment, fire brick, fly ash, Pittsburgh Consolidated Coal Company, plant, stoker, Fuel, Fuels, Markets, Plants, Steam