The Efficiency of Various Digestion Procedures on the Extraction of Metals From Rocks and Rock-Forming Minerals

CIM Bulletin, 1973

J. R. FOSTER, Dept. of Geological Sciences, Queen's University, Kingston, Ont.

Investigations into the effect of a variety of acid digestions on common rock-forming minerals demonstrated a considerable variation in the proportion of t he total metal extracted. A similar situation applies to t he analysis of a number of common rock types. In addition, grain-size variation has an effect on the amount extracted by certain digestions. This work indicates that considerable care needs to be given to selecting an appropriate acid digestion capable of determining metal held in particular components of a sample. By using partial extraction techniques, the identification of certain patterns of metal distribution, undetectable by normal methods involving total metal analysis, may be achieved.
Keywords: Acid, Cobalt, Extraction, gneiss, manganese, peridotite, trace metal, zinc, metals, mineral, minerals, nickel, zinc