The Effect of Sodium Silicateon the Filtration Rate of Asbestos Fiber

CIM Bulletin, 1964

Edward Martinez

The effect of sodium silicate, Na20.Si02, on the filtration rate of a 4K chrysotile asbestos fiber that had been ball milled and twice passed through a disintegrator was investigated. Additions of sodium silicate caused an increase in the filtration rate at all levels of concentration tested. However, the optimum filtration rate was obtained at a concentration of 2.5 x 10-sM per liter of Na20.Si02; higher or lower concentrations reduced the rate from the maximum. There appeared to be an inverse relationship between the filtration rate and the absolute value of the zeta potential. It was found that the filtration rate in saturated lime-gypsum solutions could be increased by conditioning the fiber in the proper Na20.Si02 concentration.
Keywords: Asbestos, Asbestos Orebody Minerals, Filtration Times of Asbestos, Lime-Gypsum Solutions Lime-Gypsum Solutions, sodium silicate, Zeta Potential Measurements, Concentration, Filtration, Slurry, sodium silicate, test, Tests, Water, Waters