The Effect of Shot Peening, and Shot Peening and Stress Relief, on the Fatigue Properties of SAE 1080 Steel

CIM Bulletin, 1951


The effect of a low4emperature stress relief at 2'32.2°C. ( 450°F.) On the fatigue properties of shotpeened SAE. 1080 steel has been investigated. Specimens of the steel were first annealed. One half of the steel bars were then normalized and the other half were water-quenched and drawn. Specimens of the steel with each heat treatment were tested intensile, notched bar impact, and fatigue. The fatigue specimens were test in air and water in R. R. Moore high-speed rotating bending machines in the following conditions: un-peened, peened, and peened-and stress-relieved at 232.2°C. ( 450°,F.) The 'endurance life' and :fatigue properties of specimens given a stress relief heat treatment after shot peening were superior to those of specimens given a smooth machine finish )r shot peened.
Keywords: Air, cold work, fatigue limit, plastic deformation, shot peening, Shot-peened-and-drawn.., Cycles, Fatigue, steel, Steels, stress, Treatment, Water, Waters