The Education of Mining Engineers in the Atlantic Provinces

CIM Bulletin, 1972

K. V. GOW and F. A. JERABEK, Department of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering, Nova Scotia Technical College, Halifax, Nova Scotia

THE NOVA SCOTIA TECHNICAL COLLEGE has been granting degrees in mining engineering since 1909. The college was established in 1907 to provide the final two years of the undergraduate program in engineering. the earlier years of which are given at several small universities scattered around the Atlantic Provinces. Since the beginning of the program, 251 Bachelor of Engineering degrees have been awarded in mining engineering. Although the average class size has been small, increases in enrolment in the past few years have resulted in Nova Scotia Technical College being the second largest mining department in Canada, based on the number of graduates per year. This year 18 students received B.Eng. degrees, and next year 17 will graduate.
Keywords: mining engineering, Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Technical College, department, mineral processing