The Dominion Observatory's Contribution to Canadian Geophysics

CIM Bulletin, 1963


The Dominion Observatory was founded in 1905 and, from the beginning, its work included research in both astronomical and geophysical science. During its first years, up to 1916, the Observatory also included geodetic surveying as part of its scientific program. Although, at the beginning of the century, geophysics did not have the close connection with mineral exploration that it now holds, the founders of the Observatory were men of vision, and they laid a solid foundation for the application of the techniques of geomagnetism, gravity and seismology to an understanding of the Canadian terrain of plains, mountains, seacoasts and shield areas.
Keywords: Canada, Canada, Dominion Observatory, earth's crust, geophysical, seismology, Canadian, Data, Geophysics, Gravity, Maps, Railways, Structure, Survey, Surveys