The development of low cost 12% chromium steels for European bulk solids handling industries

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 84, No. 955, 1991

J. Peace, British Steel Technical, Middlesbrough, Cleveland, England, and J.R. Fletcher, British Steel Stainless, Sheffield, England

British Steel has increased its usage of stainless steel for bunker, silo and chute linings to reduce maintenance costs and improve productivity. A generation of low cost 12% Cr steels has been specifically developed to satisfy the needs of hardness, flow promotion and through life costing which are demanded by bulk solids handling industries.The range of stainless steels include: a very hard martensitic grade which is particularly suitable for high stress applications where impact and abrasion are predominant; a titanium stabilized duplex steel for structural applications, as well as low friction, medium abrasion resistant wear liner plate; and  a ferritic stainless steel with rubber backing for low stress application where flow promotion of product is the predominant requirement. Industrial applications and experiences along with methods of fixing the stainless steels will be discussed in conjunction with the relative through-life costs of the products.