The Design of Long Horizontal Belt Conveyors

CIM Bulletin, 1962

ThE design of belt conveyors is a well-known procedure and related formulae can be found in any handbook dealing with materials handling. Belting and conveying equipment manufacturer's catalogues and design manuals offer a wide range of detailed information which can be applied to most of our conveying problems. The aim of this paper, however, is to investigate the design of a specific type of belt conveyor, namely the long horizontal, or nearly horizontal, type. (The undulating type, with moderate lifts and drops, can also be included in this category.) Most of the long overland conveyors carrying ore from pit to processing plant, or those carrying overburden to the disposal area, fit this description.
Keywords: conveyors, conveyors, labyrinth seal, Lb. .., Terminal Pulleys, University of Hannover, Friction, Load, Power, Resistance, Spacing, Terminals, test, Value