The Concentration of Barite-Fluorite Ores from the Lake Ainslie District, Nova Scotia

CIM Bulletin, 1945


The old mine workings on four barite-fluorite veins of the Lake Ainslie district, Nova Scotia, were opened recently and channel sampled. The samples were then forwarded co the Ore Dressing Laboratories, Bureau of Mines, Ottawa, for chemical analyses. Following the analyses, the sample rejects were combined co form bulk samples, representing ore from each vein, for small-scale batch test work. Tonnage samples from the veins, for pilot mill testing, were submitted when requested by the Bureau.
Keywords: Barite, Calcite., Fluorite Ore, Fluorite-Barite Ore, JohnsonTrout River ore, oleic acid, Concentrate, Concentrates, Fluorite, Mill, Ore, Ores, test, Tests