The Collection of Open Hearth Dust and Its Reclamation Using the SL/RN Process

CIM Bulletin, 1966

G.G.W. Thom Research Engineer, Research & Development Dept. A. A. F. Schuldt Assistant Utilities Engineer, Utilities Dept. The Steel Company of Canada, Ltd., Hamilton, Ont.

At The Steel Company of Canada, Limited, iron oxide dust from the basic oxygen open hearths is being collected by means of electrostatic precipitators. The utilization of this dust, which has been hampered by the presence of zinc and lead oxides and sulphur compounds, is made possible by direct reduction in a rotary kiln. The description of the dust collection system and the results of kiln tests are presented.
Keywords: blast furnace, kiln, open hearth furnace, sulphur, zinc, Dust, Lead, Oxide, steel, Steels, sulphur, test, Tests, zinc