The Co-Fe-S System

CIM Bulletin, 1953


THE PURPOSE of this investigation was to study part of the ternary system Co-Fe-S. Jensen ( 1) established the solubility limits of sulphur in pyrrhotite. The compound with 61.7 per cent Fe, corresponding to a formula Fe12S1 , was found to melt congruently at l,192°C. Hulsmann and Weibke(2) determined the Co-S phase diagram from O to 35.2 per cent S. The solubility limits of sulphur in the compound Co(l-x)S were not determined. The initial object of the present investigation was to determine the composition at which the compound Co (i-x)S melted congruently.
Keywords: analysis, eutectic, lattice parameter, sulphur, thermal analysis, Thermocouple, Phase, sulphide, Sulphides, sulphur, Systems, Temperature, Tubes