The Canadian Power Situation With Particular Reference to Thermal-Electric Power

CIM Bulletin, 1958

C. E. Baltzer

This paper highlights the electric power situation in Canada, and introduces brief explanation of the salient differences between electrical practice in the United States and Canada. The availability of bask energy in the two countries is touched on, also the hydro versus thermal outlook as applying to Canada. Dev2lopment of thermal-electric power is dealt with in some detail, followed by Canada's thermal-electric lower requirements, present and future. The fuel requirements for steam-electric generating plant are assessed on the basis of a survey recently made, and the location and size of the major thermal plant operations are given. Fuel contractual obligations on the part of suppliers and consumers are mentioned. Finally, an opinion is expressed in regard to the types of fuel in demand on a regional basis with emphasis on the need for coal in the several areas dealt with
Keywords: Canada, Canadian, Coal, coal, natural gas, United States, water power, Western Canada, Fuel, Fuels, Oil, Oils, Plants, Power, United States