The Canadian Mineral Industry 1900 to 1975

CIM Bulletin, 1962


THE subject matter of this paper will be primarily restricted to the metallic mineral industry, which last year was responsible for almost 60 percent of the total value of Canada's mineral production. It has been written that, in the broad sweep of eternal time, sixty years is as transient as a flicker of lightning in a summer night's sky. In the history of mankind and human endeavour, however, six decades can encompass momentous events and far-reaching Circumstances, all of which affect the lives of men and change the destiny of nations. This observation is confirmed very positively by a study of our Canadian mining history, from either the broad viewpoint of human progress or the more specialized viewpoint of national economy.
Keywords: Canada, Canada, Canadian, Mineral, mining, reverberatory furnace, Canadian, Economics, Government, Governments, mineral, minerals, mining