The Bullmoose Mine Project

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 76, No. 853, 1983

R. DROZD, Vice-President, Coal Operations, Teck Corporation, Vancouver

The Bullmoose Mine is currently under construction in the North East Coal area of British Columbia, and approximately $300 million will be spent to bring this 2.3 million-tonnes-per-year metallurgical and thermal coal mine into production by December 1, 1983. The project is an unincorporated joint venture undertaking, with Teck-Bullmoose Coal Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Teck Corporation, holding 51 %, Lornex Mining Corporation holding 39%, and Nissho-Iwai (Canada) Ltd. holding 10%. Bullmoose Operating Corporation will be the manager and operator of the project. This paper will broadly cover the history and exploration work on the property, the geology, open-pit mining plans and equipment, the preparation plant flowsheet from breaker station to clean coal silo, the 35 km highway truck haul, the railroad loadout system, manpower requirements, construction progress, approvals and permits, and general financial arrangements.
Keywords: Coal developments, Northeast B.C., Bullmoose Mine, Teck Corporation, Open-pit mining, Plant construction, Overburden removal, Gates Member, Coal preparation, Metallurgical coal, Thermal coal, Manpower, Financing.