The Bulk Terminal in Today's Traffic Pattern

CIM Bulletin, 1968

T. G. PHILLIPS, Development Manager, Vancouver Wharves ltd., Vancouver, B.C.

This paper gives an inside look at a bulk terminal and describes the preparations that must be made by a company in developing such a terminal and its position in today's traffic pattern. The following headings cover the subject material: (a) Traffic pressures, their detection and measurement, (b) position in the traffic flow - selection of site, (c) transportation connections - present and possible future routes, (d) engineering studies and costs, (e) contracts, the basic material for insured traffic, (f) financing, (g) budgetary control, (h) development of new techniques, (i) growth into new cargoes or cargo-handling methods and (j) consolidation.
Keywords: British Columbia, British Columbia Wharves Ltd., engineering studies, Liberty ships, potash, Vancouver Harbour, Development, Developments, flow, Operation, Route, Terminals, Traffic, Transportation, Vancouver