The Briquetting of Alberta Coals

CIM Bulletin, 1950


AN attempt bas been made in this paper to provide a basis for appraisal of the future of the coal briquetting industry in Alberta by outlining the processes used for briquetting various ranks of coal, by specifying the requirements of a briquetted fuel, by indicating .the status of the industry in the United States, by giving developments in Western Canada, by assessing costs of processing, and by discussing briquetting researches in progress. Much of .the detail bas been omitted since this might mask, rather than reveal, the more important phases of the problem. Reference will bi! made when possible to published articles where many of the details can be obtained.
Keywords: Alberta, Asphalt, asphalt, binder, Bituminons Coal Research, Blairmore, Alberta, carbonization, Binder, Binders, Briquetting, Coal, Cost, Fuel, Fuels, Plants