The Beneficiation of Barite by Agglomeration

CIM Bulletin, 1973

F. W. MEADUS and I. E. PUDDINGTON, National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa, Ont.

The beneficiation of barite in mill tailings using an agglomeration technique has been demonstrated. Barite was selectively absorbed from a conditioned aqueous slurry into a collector oil by mechanically mixing slurry and oil. The resulting oil-bonded barite-containing agglomerate was washed, to remove gangue material, and further mechanically contacted with dilute H2S0 4 This treatment resulted in the transfer of barite into the aqueous phase. Grades as high as '97% BaSO,, with recoveries of 80%, have been obtained using this technique.
Keywords: agglomerate, barite, National Research Council of Canada, Phase Curve, tailings, Barite, Grade, Oil, Oils, Ore, Ores, pH, Phase, tailings