The Baker Mill start-up and early operation

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 78, No. 883, 1985

W.W. MUIR, Mill Superintendent, Baker Mine Du Pont of Canada Exploration Limited

The Baker Mine used a 100-ton per day conventional cyanide leach mill located in northern British Columbia. A production decision was made in early 1980 and the mill was on line in April 1981. Ore reserves had been estimated at 100,000 tons averaging 0.9 oz gold per ton and 18 oz silver per ton. Mineralization consists ofelectrum (Au/Ag) and acanthite (Ag2S). This paper will review plant design and focus on some problems associated with start-up and early operation with the intention of assisting other mine operators by indicating potential problem areas.
Keywords: Mineral processing, Plant design, Mill performance, Crushing, Grinding, Thickeners, Leaching, Filtration, Baker Mine.