CIM Bulletin, Vol. 69, No. 775, 1976

Guy Demers, Maintenance Superintendent, Asbestos Hill Mine, Putuniq, Nouveau Quebec

This paper defines the responsibilities and functions of the Maintenance Department, and its organization, physical and human assets, highlighting the unique operating problems. Due to the self-sufficient aspect of the Asbestos Hill -Deception Bay project, the Maintenance Department covers fields that are numerous and very dissimilar: production, mobile, processing, service, power generation, fire protection, heating, water and sewage disposal equipment. Added to this, buildings, plant and camps, wharves and communications equipment all demand versatility, adaptability and expertise from maintenance personnel. Good maintenance practices are a necessity in this environment and are more critical than at southern locations ; that is, high-quality replacement material, complete and well-controlled preventive maintenance, major repairs on a component-replacement basis, updated inventory, efficient training and permanent contacts with suppliers, combined with an equipment improvement program, updated specifications on lubricants, hoses, seals, filters, etc., arc mandatory. The seasonal aspect of the operations applies a great deal of pressure on the maintenance team, as the production months do not permit major repairs. Short and medium-range planning and accurate evaluation of equipment conditions highly influence production efficiency. Maintenance control, planning and scheduling do not follow the accepted standard routines, as personnel turnover normally does not permit an accumulation of knowledge of the equipment history and condition by the individual tradesman.