CIM Bulletin, Vol. 69, No. 775, 1976

W. Harry Foster, Vice-President — Operations, Asbestos Corporation Limited, Montreal, Que.

Asbestos Corporation Limited, incorporated in 1925, operates four asbestos mines and three asbestos mills in the Thetford Mines region of Quebec's Eastern Townships. A unique asbestos orebody, located in the Ungava Peninsula of Nouveau Quebec, was purchased by Asbestos Corporation Limited in 1964 and commenced production in 1972. As there were no existing facilities in the isolated, arctic region of Asbestos Hill, it was necessary for Asbestos Corporation Limited to construct at Deception Bay a deep-sea wharf, a large ungraded fibre shed, a power plant and camp facilities. Forty-two miles of road were needed and were constructed from Deception Bay to Asbestos Hill. At Asbestos Hill, a complete crushing-drying-milling complex, a power plant, personnel accommodations and open-pit facilities were provided. Unloading facilities and a fibre finishing mill were constructed at Nordenham, West Germany. The "Asbestos Hill - Nordenham Story" is divided into individual papers covering all aspects of the engineering, construction and operation of this unique enterprise. Particular emphasis has been placed on those unusual aspects caused by the isolated location, arctic conditions, short shipping season and the deep permafrost.