THE ASBESTOS HILL - IMORDENHAM STORY - History of Development and Organization of Support Services For the Asbestos Hill Mine

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 69, No. 775, 1976

S. A. Luciani, General Manager — Asbestos Hill Operations, Asbestos Corporation Limited, Montreal, Que.

In 1957, an asbestos orebody was discovered in the northern sector of the Ungava Peninsula of the Province of Quebec, an area now identified as Asbestos Hill. The deposit is situated on a plateau 1700 feet above sea level and 42 miles inland from Hudson Strait. It is a bleak, isolated location of typical arctic environment. Fifteen years were to pass before the first shipment of ungraded fibre was made in 1972. These years were occupied with field surveys and investigations, diamond drilling, engineering design, evaluation of investment and operating costs, and construction. The problems normally associated with mine development were further complicated by location, isolation, and the extreme cold and permanently frozen ground of the arctic regions. Unique to an isolated arctic operation are the organization of support facilities and services, procurement and retention of personnel, construction of access roads and airports, and scheduling of product out and supplies in during the short summer period of sea navigation.