THE ASBESTOS HILL - IMORDENHAM STORY - Engineering & Technical Services Department

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 69, No. 775, 1976

M.-L. Trepanier, Manager of Engineering, Asbestos Corporation Limited, Thetford Mines, Quebec

Engineering and technical services are supplied by the Engineering Department, located at Thetford Mines, Quebec, approximately 60 miles southwest of Quebec City. The department serves the three operating mines in the Thetford area, the Asbestos Hill mine at Putuniq, Nouveau Quebec, and the Nordenham plant at Nordenham, West Germany. The Engineering Department is responsible for supplying the following services. 1. Administration and coordination of capital projects. 2. Engineering, design and drafting services for in-plant changes or improvements. 3. Preparation of geological plans for mine planning and ore reserves determinations. 4. Short, medium and long-term mining plans. 5. Rock mechanics studies and monitoring. 6. Grade control monitoring. 7. Environmental control engineering and construction. Details of the organization and services rendered will be the basis of the paper.