The Application of the Induced Polarization Method at Brenda Mines, British Columbia

CIM Bulletin, 1968

D.K. FOUNTAIN, Geophysicist, Noranda Exploration Company, Ltd., Toronto, Ont.

High metal prices and advanced technology in open-pit mining methods have resulted in considerable interest in the development of large, low-grade mineral deposits. Brenda Mines Limited is presently testing such a deposit of copper-molybdenum mineralization near Penticton, British Columbia. The mineralization of economic interest at Brenda has a total metallic sulphide content of between 1 and 1.5 per cent. This sulphide content approaches the limits of detectability of standard geophysical methods. However, due to a favourable geological environment, it has been possible to utilize the Induced Polarization Method to outline the mineralization at the Brenda property.
Keywords: chalcopyrite, granodiorite, induced polarization, LP, mineralization, Economics, Induced polarization, Limited, mineralization, sulphide, Sulphides, Survey, Surveys