The Accident Prevention Program at Consolidated Discovery Yellowknife Mines Limited

CIM Bulletin, 1962


ThE property of Consolidated 1 Discovery Yellowknife Mines Limited, (Figure 1) is situated in the Northwest Territories, approximately 50 air miles north of the town of Yellowknife. The mine is reached by a shaft which extends from surface to a depth of 4,000 feet, with working levels established at 150-foot intervals. Stoping operations are carried on throughout a vertical range of 2,000 feet, with both shrinkage and cut and fill methods being used, depending on the ground conditions. Production started in 1950 and milling is done in a 165-ton per day cyanide plant.
Keywords: Accept, demerit point, department, white elephant, Yellowknife., Accidents, Costs, Discovery, Inspection, Mine, Mines, Prevention, Safety, Underground