Televigile - An Automated System for Remote Surveillance and Information Gathering in Mines

CIM Bulletin, 1973

G. ELLIE, lngenieur en chef, Service Technique, Charbonnages de France Paris. France, R. TERVO, Research Scientist, Elliot Lake Laboratory, Mines Branch, Mining Research Centre, Department of Energy, Mines and Resources, Elliot Lake, Ontario

Automated information systems are being developed very rapidly in Europe. In France, Belgium and West Germany, more than 70% of the coal production is controlled by these installations. Information on both product ion and the mine environment is produced. For example, at one mine in France the system records the operating times of the compressors and of the refrigeration pumps, counts the number of coal cars passing the unloading point, and controls the principal conveyors and the loading /unloading of the storage bins. In addition, the ventilation air velocity, the methane content and the carbon monoxide content in the return air entry are recorded; an alarm is triggered and the current to the conveyors cut when the gas content exceeds a critical level.
Keywords: Belgium, coal, France, mine, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Data, France, Information, Installation, Mine, Mines, Reports, Systems, Underground