Techniques Used by the Geology Department, Ceco Mines Limited

CIM Bulletin, 1964

R.C.E. Bray -Chief Geologist, Geco Mines Ltd., Manitouwadge, Ontario.

The system of keeping geological plans and sections for the Geco Mine at Manitouwadge, Ontario, is described. Special methods employed to save draughting time without sacrificing accuracy, such as the extensive use of black line prints, are discussed. The uses made of the plans and sections by the mine planning engineers in their designs of stopes, and by the blast-hole engineer in ~is preparation of blast-hole layouts, are noted. An unusual scheme for portraying the distribution of .copper, zinc and silver values within the ore zone is described. The method of estimating the grade of ore to be "blasted in each ring of blast holes is outlined, as is the method of estimating the annual ore reserves. The design of an effective but simple transparent geological and mine development model, used as a display for visitors, is discussed. A large-scale model used for the study of problems in geological structure is also described.
Keywords: chalcopyrite, geological, Ore Reser, specific gravity, vellum, Drill, Drills, Grade, Mine, Mines, Ore, Ores, Sheet