Taking Stock of Science

CIM Bulletin, 1965

F. A. Forward President, C.l.M. Director, Scientific Secretariat, Privy Council Office, Ottawa, Ont.

I N the introductory chapter to "Man and Metals," T. A. Rickard wrote "Five hundred thousand years ago the first footfalls of man's oncoming echoed down the corridors of time." This phrase has always appealed to me, not only for its resonance but because it seems to place in some perspective man's place in the cosmos. As we go about our daily occupations and as we meet here tonight, we must agree that we have come a long way - slowly at first through the ages of change but with a quickening pace that has brought to man's knowledge and use, within the last hundred years, more ideas, more material advantages, more opportunities and more comforts than were ever imagined or dreamed of in those long corridors of time.
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