Tailings Engineering at Syncrude

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 83, No. 939, 1990

Larry T. Yano Syncrude Canada Ltd., Fort McMurray, Alberta, and Gerald T. Handford

Tailings Engineering has the responsibility for planning and coordinating tailings disposal and for ensuring the stability of the tailings dyke. The inclusion of both the planning and geo-technical functions in one team has resulted in greater efficiency in the design and planning process. Major challenges in tailings disposal facing Syncrude are in the areas of: (1) sludge disposal; (2) instrumentation and monitoring; and (3) liquefaction. Meeting these challenges will have a significant effect on the cost effectiveness and reliability of the mining operation.
Keywords: Tailings Engineering, Syncrude, Sludge disposal, Instrumentation and monitoring, Liquefaction.