Suspension Roasting of Zinc Concentrate at Trail, British Columbia

CIM Bulletin, 1961

ALTHOUGH the idea of roasting zinc concentrates in suspension had intrigued investigators for a number of years, no commercial application of a process appeared successful until the development of the "Cominco" process. The efficiency and high capacity of this process may be judged by the fact that nearly ali other electrolytic plants and many zinc retort plants in the world use this method. A furnace of the Cominco type can roast without special preparatory treatment and without supplementary fuel, mineral sulphides such as zinc sulphides and iron sulphides containing varying amounts of moisture at any desired rate ranging from one-half up to full capacity. The full capacity of a unit is in general about three times that of a multiple hearth furnace of the same size. The latest type of "Cominco" furnace can be built for capacities from 25 to 500 tons per day.
Keywords: Air, Calcine, Combustion, combustion chamber, oxygen, precipitator, Sulphate Sulphur, Zinc Department, Concentrate, Concentrates, Furnaces, Roasters, Roasting, zinc