Surface Reclamation Situations and Practices On Coal Exploration and Surface Mine Sites At Sparwood, B.C.

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 71, No. 794, 1978

Roger J. Berdusco and Anthony W. Milligan, Kaiser Resources Ltd., Sparwood, B.C.

Kaiser Resources Ltd. owns and operates a 5-million-ton-per-year open-pit and hydraulic coal mine near Sparwood in southeastern British Columbia. Since 1969, Kaiser has maintained a field-scale reclamation program dedicated to the reclamation of disturbances associated with past and present mining and exploration activities. Since that time, over 1400 acres have been treated using modified forestry and agricultural techniques with encouraging results.
Keywords: Coal mining, Reclamation, Exploration, Surface mines, Open-pit mines, Hydraulic mining, Kaiser Resources Ltd., Revegetation, reforestation.