Support for MER Through Engineered Equipment Upgrades


Mr Sheldon GeorgeHill ( - Saskatchewan Research Council)

Maintenance, engineering and reliability share the common objective of improving equipment performance. Each initiative has its own specific priorities and it can be difficult for one management area to identify opportunities for improvement that lie outside their scope. Pursuing re-engineering of equipment with the intent of improving reliability, operability, serviceability, maintenance, safety, quality, and capacity can result in cooperation of the various management systems and groups within your company. Re-engineering equipment is not a common strategy; but, this new paradigm presents a significant opportunity to pursue performance excellence even when resource prices are low and capital budgets are tight. Benefits can be realized for reliability, maintenance, safety, and operational initiatives while extending the life of the asset. Re-engineering must be approached with caution. Depending on the type and extent of the engineered upgrades, an element of experimental development may be required to ensure that solutions are de-risked and validated before wide-spread implementation or application on critical equipment. This presentation explains what is meant by re-engineering, what can be achieved, and how to avoid risks while capturing benefits.
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