Supercritical gas extraction of Hat Creek coal

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 78, No. 883, 1985

M.M. PAPIC, B.C. Hydro, Vancouver, British Columbia, and J.C. WHITEHEAD, National Coal Board, Stoke Orchard, England

A sample of Hat Creek coal has been extracted using supercritical aromatic solvents in a laboratory-scale extraction unit. Extract yields in the range 21 to 27 per cent of dry-ash-free coal were obtained. These yields are significantly lower than yields available from high-volatile bituminous coal and some lignites. Thus in a combined extraction/hydrocracking scheme for the production of liquid fuels from Hat Creek coal the char product would exceed that required to supply the energy and hydrogen requirements of the process. Excess char could be used for the production of power or gas for sale.
Keywords: Coal extraction, Supercritical Gas Extraction process, Hydrocracking process, Coal recovery, Lignites, Hat Creek coal.