Sulphuric A cid and Liquid Sulphur Dioxide Manufactured from Smelter Gases At Copper Cliff, Ontario

CIM Bulletin, 1952


THE world-wide shortage of elemental sulphur, which became sharply apparent in 1950, bas focused attention on the commercial exploitation of sulphur bearing materials such as pyritic ores, sour natural gas, and smelter gases. Although there are no known commercial deposits of elemental sulphur in Canada, there are vast quantities of these sulphur bearing materials. The International Nickel Company of Canada and Canadian Industries Limited have for many years collaborated in an effort to develop economic processes for the recovery of sulphur from the smelter gas arising from Inco's metallurgical operation at Copper Cliff, Ontario. While sulphuric acid has been produced at Copper Cliff for over twenty years, recent developments will result in a 60 per cent increase in acid production early in 1952 and, later in the year, in commencement of the operation of the largest single unit ever erected for the manufacture of liquid sulphur dioxide.
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